Join us for our 17th annual harp camp with Lorinda Jones. JPG Harp Camp this year is July 26-28, 2018 in scenic Chattanooga, Tennessee. Capacity is limited to 30 harpists. Act now!


 Our founders, Jo and Jim Pennington at camp

Our founders, Jo and Jim Pennington at camp

Things you may want to know about JPG Harp Camp....

The two people you see above are our founders, the parents of Jan Pennington Gray. They started our camp 17 years ago to educate, support, and inspire harpists. Since that time, much has changed, but one thing remains...the love of the harp. 

Camp is nestled at the base of Signal Mountain at the JPG Harp Connections Studio. In this beautiful and inspiring setting, harpists gather for 3 days to learn and to share. With a maximum of 30 harpists, it remains an intimate setting. There is no moving your harp around or racing to get a good seat. Once you arrive the first morning and pick your spot, you and your harp have found a welcoming home.

Imagine arriving and someone is there to open the door for you and give you a big smile. If this is your first time, relax. You are about to meet best friends that you didn't know you had. One harpist has been to our camp all 14 years! You tune your harp as you listen to the excited chatter and get to know those around you. Class begins promptly at 9 and all sit on their benches or provided chairs with anticipation. 

Courses are geared to what our previous harpists say they want. All skill levels are welcome and are encouraged to play what they can play. If someone to your right is more advanced, s/he will probably be a support for you. If someone to your left has less skill than you, you get to be the helper. We are all there to learn and support others. You also have the option for individual problem solving. Just sign up for it when you arrive. 

If you think the harpists are diverse, so are the harps. Our musical partners come in pedal harps, floor lever harps, lap harps, wire and double strung. And the music? You are catching on if you realize that the music is varied also.

On Saturday night, all of us are encouraged to perform something. This is not a requirement, just an encouragement. Two years ago, a brand new harpist in her early retirement years played a solo simply and beautifully with one hand. The year before that, our youngest harpist played a simple tune while telling a story. It is a time to be brave, creative, and safe knowing you are playing in front of a very supportive audience.

How do you get started? Click on the STORE page and then click on HARP CAMP to complete the application and pay with your credit card. 




About our 2018 teacher and course descriptions....

Lorinda Jones teaches at camps and festivals across the United States, including the Cincinnati Folk Festival, Louisville Irish Fest, JPG Harp Camp in Chattanooga, TN, Kentucky Music Week, and John Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. She also teaches privately and is the director of The Heartland Harp Ensemble, in Elizabethtown, KY, where she continues to arrange music for multi-level players, and is a long-standing member of the Kentucky Arts Council, Arts on Tour Directory, and a member of the Kentucky Center's Arts in Healing program.

She has produced eight CD recordings of Celtic, Christmas, and Renaissance music. Lorinda also has published books including The Folk Harp Tutor, Assorted Harp Arrangements, Lorinda Jones Programs for Older Adults, and Lullabies, Laments and Calming Classics. 


Course Descriptions:

  • A Systematic Approach to Playing from Lead Sheets.  This approach begins with just one chord and gradually adds additional chords for more options. This is a great way to begin making your own arrangements. It also releases the stress when you are asked to play something at an event.
  • Chord Substitutions.  Learning to add variety to chords adds depth and interest to your music. Be creative and play with confidence.
  • Simple to Lush Arrangements. Creating arrangements that build from simple melodies and accompaniment to fun chords.
  • Connecting the Modes. Use the knowledge of modes to create medleys and sets based on both tonal center of modes and common key signatures of modes.
  • Circle of Fifths. We know what it is, but now it makes sense. This will be a boost for your music theory.
  • Arpeggios Designed for Specific Purposes that Make Melodies. Differentiate and construct arpeggios designed for specific 
  • Because playing music is a large part of JPG Harp Camp popularity, the following repertoires will be featured in four different courses:
  • Lullabies and Laments. Tunes appropriate for calming, meditative, background settings.
  • Tunes of Appalachia. Our American roots music on the harp.
  • Nursing Home Programs. Learn how to put together a program for senior residential facilities based on American and Celtic popular/well-known tunes.
  • Celtic Christmas Medleys. Christmas tunes that pair well with Celtic melodies and vice-versa.
  • Lessons Learned. Facilitated by JPG President, class members will share lessons they have learned in the last year.






Dates – July 26-28, 2018

Time – 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. with breaks and lunch served.
Saturday Performances:– 7:00 p.m.
Number of teachers–  1
Number of students – 30
Private consultations – included

Courses for 2018:

A Systematic Approach to Playing from Lead Sheets

Chord Substitutions

Simple to Lush Arrangements

Connecting the Modes

Circle of Fifths

Arpeggios Designed for Specific Purposes that Make a Melody

Repertoire Courses include:

Lullabies and Laments

Tunes of Appalachia

Nursing Home Programs

Celtic Christmas Medleys

Lessons Learned


Hampton Inn: 423-305-0840

Holiday Inn Express: 423-877-6464

Quality Inn: 423-870-8444

Harpists interested in staying in the home of local harpists, please indicate this on the camp registration on the Store page.

The fee for 2018 JPG Harp Camp is $245 which includes lunch and snacks. Bring your harp, music stand, and bench or chairs are provided.

To register, please go to the Store page.