Join us for our 17th annual harp camp with Lorinda Jones. JPG Harp Camp this year is July 26-28, 2018 in scenic Chattanooga, Tennessee. Capacity is limited to 30 harpists. Act now!


Our founders, Jo and Jim Pennington at camp

Our founders, Jo and Jim Pennington at camp

Things you may want to know about JPG Harp Camp....

The two people you see above are our founders, the parents of Jan Pennington Gray. They started our camp 15 years ago to educate, support, and inspire harpists. Since that time, much has changed, but one thing remains...the love of the harp. 

Camp is nestled at the base of Signal Mountain at the JPG Harp Connections Studio. In this beautiful and inspiring setting, harpists gather for 3 days to learn and to share. With a maximum of 30 harpists, it remains an intimate setting. There is no moving your harp around or racing to get a good seat. Once you arrive the first morning and pick your spot, you and your harp have found a welcoming home.

Imagine arriving and someone is there to open the door for you and give you a big smile. If this is your first time, relax. You are about to meet best friends that you didn't know you had. One harpist has been to our camp all 14 years! You tune your harp as you listen to the excited chatter and get to know those around you. Class begins promptly at 9 and all sit on their benches or provided chairs with anticipation. 

Courses are geared to what our previous harpists say they want. All skill levels are welcome and are encouraged to play what they can play. If someone to your right is more advanced, s/he will probably be a support for you. If someone to your left has less skill than you, you get to be the helper. We are all there to learn and support others. You also have the option for individual problem solving. Just sign up for it when you arrive. 

If you think the harpists are diverse, so are the harps. Our musical partners come in pedal harps, floor lever harps, lap harps, wire and double strung. And the music? You are catching on if you realize that the music is varied also.

On Saturday night, all of us are encouraged to perform something. This is not a requirement, just an encouragement. Two years ago, a brand new harpist in her early retirement years played a solo simply and beautifully with one hand. The year before that, our youngest harpist played a simple tune while telling a story. It is a time to be brave, creative, and safe knowing you are playing in front of a very supportive audience.

How do you get started? Click on the STORE page and then click on HARP CAMP to complete the application and pay with your credit card. 





About our 2017 teachers and course descriptions....

Rachel Knight is currently a Doctor of Musical Arts student at the University of Arizona, studying with Dr. Carrol McLaughlin.  She holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Northern Colorado, where she completed a double major in harp performance and piano performance.  Throughout all her studies, she has maintained a straight-A 4.0 GPA and has received prestigious awards including the National Merit Scholarship, Presser Scholarship, Music Advisory Board Distinguished Graduate Student Award, and Northern Trust/Piper Enrichment Award.  Rachel has received first place in a number of competitions including the Golden Era of Romantic Music International Competition and the American Fine Arts Festival Russian Music Competition, which led to a solo performance in Carnegie Hall.  She also received the top prize in the University of Northern Colorado Concerto Competition, Angie Southard Competition, Tucson Symphony Orchestra Young Artists Competition, ENKOR International Music Competition, Young Texas Artists Music Competition, T. Gordon Parks Concerto Competition, and Fourth International Competition in Mexico.  Rachel has toured extensively, giving solo recitals in Hong Kong, at the XI Rio Harp Festival in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and throughout the United States. She has also toured as a member of HarpFusion to Jaragua do Sul, Brazil. She has performed for the American Musicological Society and as first harpist for the Summer Opera Program at the International Lyric Academy in Italy.  She has been the concerto soloist with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, University of Northern Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and Arapahoe Philharmonic. 

Catherine Mullins is an adjunct professor of music theory and harp at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, Georgia. She began studying lever harp at the age of nine, and pedal harp at the age of thirteen. In 2014, she earned a BA in music theory and composition from Covenant College, where she was active as a solo performer and member of the orchestra, early music consort, and jazz band.  She also holds an M.M. in music theory from Florida State University, where she was awarded assistantships in harp performance and music theory. In addition to teaching at Covenant College, she maintains a private studio of harp students. When she is not lesson planning or teaching, she loves to hike and paint leaves.

Course Descriptions:

  • Stress-Free Performing Part I. Concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming will be covered. Learn to use practicing tools specific to how you learn visually, auditory, and kinesthetically.
  • Stress-Free Performing Part 2. Concepts of performance psychology will be introduced including visualization and mental preparation. Learn to feel grounded and obtain a clarity of focus that will enable you to perform at your best.
  • Improvisation Parts 1 and 2. Learn to create your own music through learning common chord progressions. Use those tools to create music that fits a person's particular need or situation.
  • Rhythm with Finger Cymbals. Practice rhythms through learning ensemble pieces with finger cymbals.
  • Mini Recital.  A mini recital by Katie Damon will feature virtuosic works that are not commonly performed.
  • Buddy Practice. Give helpful comments to your peers. Inspire one another to set goals in practicing, reach those goals, and celebrate together.
  • Technique. Proper harp technique is important because it affects tone quality, protects the harpist physically, and enables the harpist to perform gracefully. This session will cover the fundamentals of harp technique to ensure students get off to the right start!
  • Ensemble. At the end of each day of camp, harpists will meet to practice ensemble music together. Music will be distributed in advance so that parts can be prepared prior to camp and rehearsals can focus on fine-tuning ensemble skills.
  • Lead Sheet. Lean how to create and perform your own arrangements for lead sheet! This session will help you create a stock of accompaniment pattens that you can apply broadly.
  • Tips on Practice. This guided discussion session will provide harpists with the opportunity to share tips and ticks they have discovered for efficient and effective practice sessions.






Dates – July 26-28, 2018

Time – 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. with breaks and lunch served.
Saturday Performances:– 7:00 p.m.
Number of teachers–  2
Number of students – 30
Individual Instruction – included


Tips to Take You to the Next Level.  Led by all participants and teachers.

Techniques that Matter.

Make Your Own Harmony

Buddy Practice

Finger Cymbols

Neuro-Linguistic Programing

Mini Recital

Improvising Chords

Playing Together: Part One, Two and Three


Hampton Inn: 423-305-0840

Holiday Inn Express: 423-877-6464

Quality Inn: 423-870-8444

Harpists interested in staying in the home of local harpists, please indicate this on the camp registration on the Store page.

To see the price and to register, please go to the Store page.