Open the case

I have been jammed with harp performances and other activities that are a vital part of my life. Well, I finally allowed a cold to catch me. I realized today that my harp is still in its case from rehearsal last Thursday. Hmmmm. This is Sunday. I feel like going back to bed, but hold on a minute....okay. Bending down to unzip the case and lifting up the harp was the most exercise I have had in 24 hours. Through my fog, knowing my left hemisphere was definitely shut down, I was able to play a couple of my favorite pieces, The Angel Hymn, by Rhett Barnwell and May It Be from Lord of the Rings, arranged by Angi Bemiss. I did not play flawlessly, but I realized something. Music is in my soul, not just my head. And since neither my fingers or my soul have been caught by this cold, I was able to play. That is very comforting. It may not work to learn a new piece of music right now. Although I am itching to play Rhett's arrangement of Jesus Loves Me, I will wait for my left hemisphere to join my fingers and soul. For now, I lay down with a smile, knowing music resides within my soul regardless of how my body feels.