Playing together brings learning to a new height!

If you are like me, I do fine playing in my living room and with my Praise Team at Church. I also participate with the Chattanooga Harp Ensemble once a month. There is something special about being in a room with many harpists for several days. It is inspiring.

Our JPG Harp camp is less than a month away. (June 16-18, 2016) Spending three days together with harpists from different geographical areas is awesome. I learn so much from playing with them, talking about experiences, and getting tips. Each night I go to bed still hearing the combination of harp strings in my head. 

There is still time to join us. At the top of this page, click on the HARP CAMP button at the top left. There is all the information you will need to know about the courses, teachers, where to stay etc. If you prefer to stay with a local harpist, we still have some available. The cost is $230 and includes lunch. To reserve your seat, click on STORE at the top right and make your purchase for the camp. 

We all need to invest in ourselves. Tell the world to wait for 3 days and immerse yourself in the world of learning, playing, laughing, and making new friends. I hope to see you there.