Keep Going

Summer months have me outside planting and watering. It is also filled with weekend trips to visit family, the mountains and the lake.  I am guilty of spending less time with my harp. This became very apparent when I took it to New Orleans to play for my mother-in-law who has had a stroke.

One of my harp teachers, Christine Van Arsdale, has encouraged me to be in performance mode even if I am sitting by a family member's bed in a dark room. So that is exactly what I did.  She and her caretaker enjoyed my playing very much.  I asked my husband later if he could tell that I could not see the strings and had forgotten the songs.  He said, "It sounded pretty. I could tell you had varied the songs, but I liked your improvisations."  That made me smile. I actually began having fun just making stuff up until my brain found the song in my memory.

Sometimes it is important to just keep going. Oh sure, there are important times to perfect a piece, especially those pesky measures. When you are playing for others, keeping the rhythm is best. Just keep going and smile.