Encouraging new harpists

I was at a folk school last weekend taking a class on metal etching, and Lorinda Jones was there teaching 3 new harpists. They came with untuned harps, little background in music, and eager to learn.  On Sunday morning they performed in front of the rest of the attendees at the folk school, each plucking one string at a time. I was so excited for them as they began their harp journey. When they finished their tune, I jumped up and whooped and clapped as others joined me. Then I saw their smiles of relief and, yes, pride. And proud they should be! In less than a day and a half they performed and survived.

Do you remember your first performance?  I remember sitting in the back of the ensemble hoping no one would notice me. I played so softly. I also remember the kind soul from the audience who came up and told me that I was a beautiful harp player and how she enjoyed watching my hands. That simple compliment made all the difference for me.

Let's all encourage new harpists. You may not want or feel like you can teach, but we all can mentor. Why? Because we have been there and survived. No, we thrived. Be a harp mentor!

And for wonderful teachers like Lorinda Jones, she is coming to JPG Harp Camp in 2018!