Having Fun with other Harpists

I played for several years before I considered myself a harpist and for many more before I considered myself a musician.  Playing at my church last month, a visitor said he thought he knew me through the musician's union. I thanked him for the compliment.

When I realize most often that I am a musician, I am usually playing with others. Today, the JPG Chattanooga Harp Ensemble met to discuss our future. I am very excited that the group wants to be less formal and add more fun.  We are going to focus on Celtic and holiday music in 2 parts and prepare for future events that we can volunteer to perform.

If you are in the Chattanooga greater area, please join us. Start by clicking on Chattanooga Harp Ensemble at the top of our home page. If you are across the country or the globe, I would like to hear how you have formed groups like us. While we have been a group since 2005, we are reinventing ourselves. And a big part of that reinvention is having fun for the love of the harp.