Playing the Harp Restores Us

When it comes to performing, we all want to be perfect. We spend many hours practicing to ensure our notes, timing, and tone are just right. Sometimes, it is very beneficial to just play to relax.

I recently experienced the loss of my mother, an expected event due to her long illness. One that I thought I was well prepared. For those of you who have lost a close loved one, you realize there is  no way to totally be prepared.  Sadness came, blood pressure went up, and I was walking around in a daze. 

Realizing I would play my harp at mom's Celebration of Life festivities, I sat down at my harp and began with scales, then arpeggios, then my favorite hymn, until I was relearning a piece that I knew was perfect for the occasion. Tension left my shoulders as I was swept away with the soothing sound of my harp. 

Each day is better, with some setbacks. When those come, you know what I do. I play my harp and am transformed to moments of peace, beauty, and happiness.